Three women have just escaped

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Three women (redhead, Blondie and an Asian) have just escaped a prison, and the cops are looking for them…

The girls were running trough the city and went into one of those fruit/ vegetables’ market to hide, and find 3 bag of potato big enough for them to hide inside.

After a while, one cop that is looking for them finds the bags, and realise that they’re kind of weird…

So he approaches and kicks the first potato’s bag, with the Asian girl inside…

The Asian girl, quickly respond the kick with barking noises: ruff ruff “Oh… These are just a few dogs!”, says the cop.

He then approaches to the second potato’s bag, with the redhead inside, and kicks it as well.

“Meow… Meow”, the redhead answers. “Oh… These are just a few cats!”, says the cop.

Finally, he gets close to the third potato’s bag, with the Blondie inside, and kicks it too.

The voice inside the bags respond: “Potato”.

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