The marriage broker

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It was high time that Paddy got married.
So, his parents called a marriage broker in Dublin and ask him to find a good wife for their son:

The broker comes over to their house and spends a long time asking questions about Paddy and his parents as to what they want in a wife/daughter-in-law.
They give him a long list of requirements.

The marriage broker takes a long time looking here, there and everywhere and finally visits the family again with a prospective bride proposal.
He then tells them of a wonderful woman he has found.

He says:
“She’s just the right age for your son. She keeps a neat home, she is a good Catholic and knows the prayers by heart. She is a wonderful cook, she loves children, wants a
large family and to crown it all, she’s gorgeous.”

After hearing all this, the family is very impressed and begins to get excited about the prospects of a wedding in the near future.
But Paddy still has some lingering doubts and asks casually:

“Is she also good in bed?”
The marriage broker answers:
“Well, some say yes and some say no.”

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