The couple was watching television at night

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The couple was watching television at night. The husband says, “Can I know why you’ve been sulking since I arrived?” And, angrily, the wife responds, “Today we

celebrate 25 years of marriage, and here we are, standing in front of this television.”

“MY GOD! I was so busy that I completely forgot! Forgive me, my dear. Go put on your best evening dress; we’re going out! You’ll have an unforgettable night!” “Oh,

darling, I knew you weren’t a heartless monster.”

At the entrance of the restaurant, the maître, very attentive, says, “Prepare the table for Mr. Bob Smith.” The woman remarks, “It seems they know you well here,

dear.” “Oh, really!… I think I came here for lunch with some clients.”

They just finished dinner, and the husband suggests going to a nightclub. At the entrance, there’s a huge line. The husband tells the wife he’ll take care of

everything and approaches the doorman: “Hey, Big Joe!!! How’s it going? And Big Joe replies, “Doing very well, Mr. Smith. You can go in!”

Inside the nightclub, the owner comes to greet them, “Good evening, Mr. Smith!” And then says, “Clear Mr. Smith’s table!!” The suspicious wife asks, “Do you come

here often?” “Oh, no! The owner is a client from the company.”

Once at the table, the waitress comes and says, “The usual, Mr. Smith?” Meanwhile, a woman finishing a strip-tease on stage shouts, “And the panties, who are they

for, folks?!!” The entire nightclub cheers, “BOB SMITH!!! BOB SMITH!!! BOB SMITH!!!”

The furious wife leaves the nightclub; the husband follows, and they get into a taxi together. The husband tries to calm things down, “Darling, let’s not ruin this

wonderful night. They surely mistook me for another Bob Smith.” “Do you think I’m some idiot? Scoundrel! Don’t touch me anymore!!! Blah, blah, blah… I am really

a fool, blah, blah, blah… You big son of a bitch, blah, blah, blah…”

At this point, the taxi driver turns around and says, “Bob, do you want me to kick the hooker out of the car?”

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