Mom, what are those things on your chest!?

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Little Johnny asks his mother, “Mom, what are those things on your chest!?” as they are both taking showers.

Unsure of how to respond, she advises Johnny to bring up the subject with his father at breakfast the next day, confident that it will be forgotten.

Johnny wasn’t negligent. He posed the same query to his father the following morning.

Because he is always fast with an explanation, his father responds, “Why Johnny, those are balloons.

We may blow them up so that when your mother passes away, she will float to heaven. Johnny finds that amusing and stops inquiring further.

A few weeks later, Johnny’s father arrives home early from work.

Johnny screams furiously as he flees the house, “Daddy! Daddy! Mother is dying! His dad tells him to “calm down, son! Why do you think mom is passing away?

Mommy is crying, “Oh God, I’m coming!” as Uncle Harry blows up her balloons.

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