an artist’s wife

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Unexpectedly, an artist’s wife started having sex with him every day.

Though quite unusual, he didn’t question his luck, deciding to just enjoy the ride.

One day, his wife approached him. “Honey? Can you sketch a picture for me?”

“Of course!” he replied. “What should I draw?”

“What you think our baby will look like.”

He stared back at her, eyes wide. Then, sighing heavily, he grabbed a pencil and pad, quickly sketched out a picture, and pushed it toward her.

“What the hell is this?” she laughed, surveying the page. It was just a stick figure firing a gun at another stick figure, smiling, with no wounds showing on his stick body. “I asked you to imagine what our baby would look like!” she repeated.

“And I got a vasectomy five years ago,” he said. “So I drew a blank.”

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