A married couple became famous

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A married couple became famous for not having an argument in 25 years.
Local newspaper editors gathered at the occasion to find out the secret to their happy 25 year marriage.
The editor said: “Sir, it’s amazing, impossible. How is this possible?”

The husband began recalling his honeymoon days: “after our honeymoon, we began horseback riding, on different horses.
I was lucky to have a gentle, kind-spirited horse.
My wife on the other hand wasn’t so fortunate.
She had a crazy horse. As she was riding the horse, the horse began to jump wildly and she fell off.

My wife patted the horse on the back, saying ‘this is your first time.’ She jumped back on and we continued riding for a while.
Then the horse started acting wildly again, causing my wife to fall off once again.

She didn’t lose her cool and patted the horse again, saying ‘this is your second time’.
Once again she hopped on and again, the horse jumped wildly and she fell off. My wife pulled out a revolver and shot the horse dead.

My jaw fell to the ground. ‘What the hell are you doing? Did you just shoot a horse?? What’s wrong with you?!’, I asked her, shocked and bewildered.

She looked at me, ‘this is your first time’.”

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