A man returns home early from work

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A man returns home early from work one afternoon to find his wife spread out on the bed, puffing and panting.

“What are you doing?” the man inquires. “Err,” she stammers back.

“I… um… I think I’m having a heart attack!” “Oh,” cries the gullible husband, “quick, I’ll call an ambulance!”

He runs downstairs, picks up the phone and begins dialing 911, when his son Johnny appears, sobbing his little heart out. “What’s the matter, son?” asks the father.

“Uncle James is in the closet with no clothes on, Daddy,” replies his tearful toddler.

Enraged, the man runs back upstairs, flings open the wardrobe and finds his brother there absolutely , just as his son had said.

“You , Jim,” screams the man.

“My wife is over there having a heart attack and you’re running around scaring Johnny!”

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