A Husband’s Phone Rang In Church By Accident

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By mistake his Phone rang in Church during prayers…

The Priest scolded him …

After prayers, the congregation admonished him for interrupting the silence.

His wife lectured him on his carelessness until they got home.

One could see the shame, embarrassment n humiliation on his face !!

He has never stepped into the Church ever again.

That evening, he went to a bar …

He was still nervous n unsure.

By mistake he spilled his drink on the table.

The waiter apologized, gave him a napkin to clean himself up.

The janitor mopped the floor.

The female manager offered him a complimentary drink.

The bar girl gave him a hug n said, “Don’t worry man. Who doesn’t make mistakes ?”

He has never stopped going to that bar since then

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